Canvas of cakes

Ooi Hooi Keem, better known as Keempossible, is happy to admit her work was influenced by her mother Tye Cheah Peng, a

Real life story

IN 2017, 58-year-old Amiruddin Nadarajan Abdullah made national headlines when the army veteran was detained on 36 drug-related charges. Also known as

Tough sounds

BALAN KASH’S rise to stardom is a classic example of the good old saying: “Hard work pays off”. As a prominent figure

Ultimate saviour

CELEBRATING more than 100 years of countless breakthroughs in skincare innovations, Eucerin introduces the most advanced yet, the new Eucerin Spotless Brightening

Soul artist

Leny Maknoh’s portraits are more than works of art with pencil, colour pencil and graphite. She is making a bold statement, showcasing